From January 2019 breeders are required to notify Weatherbys Ireland General Stud Book within 30 days of the birth of a thoroughbred or non-thoroughbred foal born in Ireland and bred for racing. The notification of birth will be automatically triggered by the submission of DNA (blood and markings). There will be no additional fees for notification of birth within the 30-day window.

The 30-day foal notification is a mandatory obligation. It is integral to the welfare and traceability mandate for the equine industry and will assist in the proviso for life after Brexit, particularly with regards to the free movement of equidae.

The 30-day foal notification will also enable HRI and the IHRB, on behalf of the industry, to trace the whereabouts of thoroughbreds and non-thoroughbreds in Ireland from the earliest stage. This is important for the welfare, biosecurity and disease control measures which underpin horse movement and are the cornerstone of European legislation for equidae.

Jason Morris, Director of Racing, HRI, commented: “The move to a 30-day foal notification is an important step in ensuring that we have full lifetime traceability of all thoroughbreds for health and welfare reasons. HRI warmly welcomes its introduction which has the widespread support of the industry.”

Shane O’Dwyer, ITBA, commented: “The ITBA welcome the 30-day foal notification as a positive move that will assist in our efforts for the Codes of Practice and the High Health Horse Concept to be used as the basis of continued, uninterrupted free movement of thoroughbred horses post Brexit.”

Russell Ferris, Weatherbys Ireland GSB, said: “The 30-day foal notification system will be live from mid-January 2019, this automated system will not affect the manner in which the foals are registered. Foal registrations should be completed before the July 31 deadline using either the GSB Online system or the traditional paper application.”