Date - March 31, 2020

Equine Management and Training

Equine Management and Training provides specialist training to bring out the very best in your horse whether that be starting and backing young horses, progressing schooling, jumping training, rehabilitative and remedial schooling or correcting poor behaviour, preparation of horses going into training or retraining of racehorses. EMT also provides an excellent rehabilitation service for both racing and non-racing horses that have incurred an injury or suffered a debilitating illness. With attention to the most minute of detail EMT offer a complete and very thorough training package which is second to none. With direct connections with the racing industry and being Training Consultants to its official charity for ex-racehorses, RoR, and to the Greatwood Charity, it is working with horses in and out of training for which they are most well-known, however EMT are also involved with horses from other equestrian spheres.

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